Relocation and Reconfiguration

Businesses are always on the move, from large site-to-site relocations to internal moves of people and furniture. We can help you manage moves efficiently.

Moving is hard work, and in today’s changing economy it’s becoming a continual workplace reality. Whether you need to up-size, down-size, or a complete relocation and reconfiguration, we have the experience, expertise, and processes to help you efficiently and effectively.

Our web-based asset and inventory management tool connects all your warehouses and inventories across the country. It manages the level of assets needed for normal churn so changes and reconfigurations can be made efficiently. And we always keep you posted. Upon request, we generate detailed monthly move reports that keep everyone in the loop so they can manage information and identify opportunities for improvement.

Our Network is electronically linked across locations. We’ll team with fellow member dealers throughout the process, coordinating schedules and resources and sharing knowledge and critical information. As a result, your people and their work activities run more smoothly and costs are controlled.

Project Management

Managing the details of a successful project is a task that must be completed with schedules, budget, and the utmost quality in mind.

When you’re designing or changing a workspace, the devil can be in the details. And that’s where ACE thrives. Our project management team knows where to start and how to finish, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal downtime.

ACE project managers coordinate scheduling, logistics, and quality control for every project—big or small. The experienced project management team is skilled in working with the complexity that arises in construction or move-related projects. They understand communication is paramount, and work with all parties to ensure projects are completed on time and accurately.

Our Network, ACE is able to provide project management services wherever your project may lead throughout the United States. Our network of Certified Dealers ensures you will receive timely and professional attention whether it’s local or across the nation.

Rely on ACE project managers to:

  • Orchestrate the project from start to finish, taking full accountability for property management, as well as electrical and data contractors
  • Monitor progress to ensure that deadlines are met and deliveries are accurate
  • Create detailed project completion punch lists
  • Document follow-up activities through project completion.


Procurement services save time and money.

Buying workplace furnishings can be a confusing and costly process, and in today’s competitive economy every dollar counts. ACE can help streamline your transaction process, reduce purchasing costs, improve order accuracy and shorten order cycles.

Our experienced professionals can reduce your total cost of ownership with our practiced product procurement and bid analysis services:

  • Furniture and manufacturer evaluation
  • Bid analysis and negotiations
  • Specifications review and purchasing logistics
  • Direct integration with your e-procurement systems

Move Coordination

Scheduling, resource coordination, and the orchestration of relocating furniture, equipment, and employees are all part of our move coordination services.

Leasing and Financing Options

Our financial solutions free you to achieve an office that’s right for your business now, without upfront expense.

People drive business forward. When they have a workplace that connects and inspires them, they contribute their best work.

  • 100% Financing: Unlike bank financing, which often requires a 20 percent down payment and excludes soft costs (such as installation and shipping), we can finance the whole project.
  • Maximize Capital: Your monthly payments do not affect your established line of credit, cash reserves, or require a compensating deposit balance. You have more capital for your business.
  • Inflation Friendly: As costs go up over the term of your contract, you pay the same rate as when you began. That stretches your dollars and gives you more access to the cash in your business.
  • Cash Flow Flexibility: Tailoring payment terms and structures to match your unique needs (such as seasonality, expansion plans, or revenue cycles) allows you to you get more out of your space and budget.
  • Accounting Benefits: Balance sheet considerations, like operational versus capital expenditures, are important decisions when investing in your business. ACE helps you design a financing solution that best fits your accounting and tax requirements.

You know the best strategy for moving your business forward. You now have choices for a financial solution that helps carry your business into the future. Contact us for more information.

Space Planning and Design

Planning and designing your workspace is a team effort that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a knowledge of your space and work activities.

Service and Warranty

To keep your furniture looking its best and in good working order, OP provides on-going maintenance services.

Order Management

We streamline the specifying and ordering of furnishings, which reduces purchasing costs, improves order accuracy, and shortens order cycles.

Connect Asset Management

We can help you with asset and inventory management, receiving and inspection services, and all of your storage needs.